Cryo Chamber Collaboration “Dagon”

Darkrad particiapted in this collaboration.

A 2 hour dark soundscape album recorded by over 20 ambient artists to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft.

Come swim in the darkest oceans, where squirming sea snakes dance in fractal patterns to rebirth eternal bliss.

“Upon the melting sands, the black rush of the effluvium—the dismal pallor of acerbic portents, from subaquatic smelts that prefigure Time. The liquid aftermath of early-world mayhem spills from the cracks of the sunken Earth, evolving between eons of quiet rancour, emerging in sudden bursts of craving for the defining disorder of Dagon’s will.

It is the same eruption that laid waste to the forgotten cities in the Age of Dawning. The same that swallowed the metal ships of the Bermudan triangulum and razed the toiling enigmas of Kush. It is the same that spawns the monsters of the broken underworlds, where Dagon’s legions loiter in the cruel mantle.” – Excerpt from Digibook

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