All dates are in European format (dd/mm/year)

Upcoming Events

20.08.22. Astral Disaster. Koleso, Arkhangelsk, Russia

Past Events

23.03.22. MRAK. Dom, Moscow, Russia
.02.22. Brighter Death Now. Bumazhnaya Fabrika, Moscow, Russia
31.12.21. New Year in Portal. Portal, Moscow, Russia
03.10.21. Secret Garden. Minneapolis, MN, USA
18.09.21. Tanzfront. 15 years. Peak Sound, Moscow, Russia
.08.21. Depeche Mode boat cruise, Moscow, Russia
05.06.21. Tanzfront. Noises of Summer. Peak Sound, Moscow, Russia
19.03.21. IDM-Fest. Kitaisky Letchik, Moscow, Russia
01.01.21. Depeche Mode New Year Party. Spaceloft, Moscow, Russia
08.11.20. Tanzfront. Shagi, Moscow, Russia
24.01.20. Audiophob Festival. Jazz Keller, Duisburg, Germany
17.01.20. Assimilate. Tallinn, Estonia
07.12.19. Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival. Moscow, Russia
03.11.19. Dark Arts Festival. A-Mill Artist Lofts, Minneapolis, MN, USA
18.10.19. Mrak. Dom, Moscow, Russia
30.08.19. See into the Dark. Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA
23.08.19. New Cycle. Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, USA
26-27-28.07.19. Dystopia: Art of the Dark Future. Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, USA
08.08.19. Cat Video Festival. CHS Field, Saint Paul, MN, USA
30.06.19. Mystery of Cats: Cat Art Festival. A-Mill Artist Lofts, Minneapolis, MN, USA
17-18.05.19. Art-A-Whirl. 2010 Artblok, Mrakmur, Minneaplois, MN, USA
05.05.19. FemFair. Anderson Center, St. Paul, MN, USA
04-25.05.19. Tree Show. Vine Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA
25.04.19. Saint Paul Art Crawl. Lowertown Commons, St. Paul, MN, USA
31.03.19. Weird Sh*t Art Show. Minneapolis, MN, USA
02.03.19. Huldufolk. Artspace Jackson Flats, Minneapolis, MN, USA
02.02.19. Darkrad. Moon Palace Books, Minneapolis, MN, USA
25.01.19. Drone Not Drones. Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA
09.01.19. Darkrad. Loring Bar, Minneapolis, MN, USA
03.01.19. Pole of Cold. Kitty Cat Klub, Minneapolis, MN, USA
09.12.18. Darkrad. Moon Palace Books, Minneapolis, MN, USA
27-28.10.18. Dark Arts Festival. Creator’s Space, St. Paul, MN, USA
13-15.10.18. Saint Paul Art Crawl. St. Paul, MN, USA
05.10.18. Fargo Noise Fest, Seagrave Studios, Fargo, ND, USA
11.08.18. Darkrad, Icehouse, Minneapolis, MN, USA
28.07.18. Greenway Glow, Vine Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA
15.07.18. Mrakmur Open House, Saint Paul, MN, USA
27-28-29.04.18. Saint Paul Art Crawl, Creators Space, St. Paul, MN, USA
16.04.18. Darkrad. April Tourniquet. Saint Paul, MN, USA
06-07.04.18. Elektroanschlag Festival, Altenburg, Germany
04.03.18. Weird Sh*t Art Show, A-Mill Artist Lofts, Minneapolis, MN, USA
14.02.18. Audiophob Festival, Djazz Keller, Duisburg, Germany
27.06.17. Darkrad. The Aquarium. Fargo, ND, USA
20.06.17. Dracula Mascarada. Unione E Benevolenza. Buenos Aires, Argentina
06.05.17. Book Reading “King in the Thicket”. Books on Broadway. Williston, ND, USA
29.04.17. Darkrad. Drone Factory. Regina, Canada
20.04.17. Art and Wine Walk. Books on Broadway. Williston, ND, USA
05.11.16. Autumn Vertigo. China Town. Moscow, Russia
21.10.16. Beer Magic. Beercraft. Moscow, Russia
15.10.16. De/Vision afterparty. Teatr. Moscow, Russia
23.07.16. Dive into Dark Waves. Cruise. Moscow, Russia
09.10.15. Maschinenfest. Oberhausen, Germany
09.11.14. Wroclaw Industrial Festival. Wroclaw, Poland
09.09.14. Darkrad live. Pangea House. Minot, ND, USA
12.07.14. Darkrad live. The new direction. Fargo, ND, USA
27.07.13. Summer Darkness. Utrecht, Netherlands
06.07.13. Lumous festival. Tampere, Finland
18.05.13. Wave Gothic Treffen. Moritzbastei. Leipzig, Germany
16.03.13. Tanzfront. DOM. Moscow, Russia
07.12.12. EKKM. Tallinn, Estonia
08.12.12. Darkland Fire III. Rakvere Rahvamaja. Rakvere, Estonia
21.10.12. Noiseistanbul meetings. Arka Oda. Istanbul, Turkey
18.10.12. Signals from outside. Peyote. Istanbul, Turkey
26.05.12. Wave Gothic Treffen. Club 1880. Leipzig, Germany
26.05.12. Wave Gothic Treffen. Moritzbastei. Leipzig, Germany Solar Drones Festival. Stubnitz. Bremen, Germany
10.03.12. Industrial Fusion. Kashmir Club. Budapest, Hungary
18.02.12. Flint Glass live. Tochka. Rostov-on-Don, Russia
17.02.12. TanzFront. DOM. Moscow, Russia
17.12.11. TanzFront. China Town Cafe. Moscow, Russia
22.10.11. TanzFront. China Town Cafe. Moscow, Russia
19.11.11. November Noir Festival. Kantine. Augsburg, Germany
08.10.11. Störfrequenz. Nachtwerk. Karlsruhe, Germany
17.09.11. Tower Transmission Festival. Puschkin Club. Dresden, Germany
9-10-11.09.11. Noxious Art Festival. Vesoul, France
30.06.11. Unithekle Summer party. Unithekle. Stuttgart, Germany
08.06.11. IAHR-BW big Party. IZ. Stuttgart, Germany
11.03.11. Darkrad live. KTS. Freiburg, Germany
18.02.11. Dark Sounds for Dark Souls. Dienstbar. Berlin, Germany
17.02.11. Dark Sounds. Stubnitz. Hamburg, Germany
17.12.10. Christmas Party. Unithekle. Stuttgart, Germany
11.12.10. Stoerfrequenz. Nachtwerk. Karlsruhe, Germany
11.09.10. Dark Soundscapes. Domak. Muenchen, Germany
10.09.10. Darkrad live. Cairo. Wuerzburg, Germany
27.08.10. DM party. Anfilada. Moscow, Russia
02.07.10. Brighter Death now. Bunker. Riga, Latvia
26.06.10. Death parade. Club Pilot. Prague, Czech republic
30.05.10. Darkrad live. Dom. Moscow, Russia
29.05.10. Darkrad live. 50/50. Cheboksary, Russia
28.05.10. Darkrad live. Record. Nizhni-Novgorod, Russia
22.05.10. Maysky Boom. Open-air. Moscow, Russia
20.04.10. Static elements. Chsun-Dao. Moscow, Russia
25.03.10. Elektroanschlag 10 Warm-up party. Villabar. Altenburg, Germany
20.03.10. Static elements. Chtsun-Dao. Moscow, Russia
27.02.10. Combichrist. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
07.02.10. Darkrad live with Flint Glass. Red club. St.-Petersburg, Russia
05.02.10. Tanzfront. Flint Glass. Dom. Moscow, Russia
26.01.10. D-Septor. Peklo. Moscow, Russia
26.12.09. Sequence. Tarantul. Voronezh, Russia
12.12.09. The 5-th birthday of Dubclub. Moscow, Russia
07.11.09. The 7th Birthday of Dmfan. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
09.10.09. Maschinenfest. Weststadhalle. Essen, Germany
03.10.09. Elektro Fabrik Party. Rublev. Moscow, Russia
25.09.09. Toy, De/vision, Perfidious words. Tochka. Moscow, Russia
24.09.09. Preparty Toy, De/vision, Perfidious words. Hardcore-cafe. Moscow, Russia
18.09.09. TanzFront. Darkrad live. Dubclub. Moscow, Russia
12.09.09. Island of live. Open-air. Ivanteevka, Russia
29.08.09. TanzFront – Last summer dance. Shokoladnaya fabrika. Moscow, Russia
27.08.09. Core gates. Playcafe. Moscow, Russia
21.08.09. Back to the past. Playcafe. Moscow, Russia
15.08.09. Distorted Dance. Playcafe. Moscow, Russia
14.08.09. Back to the past. Playcafe. Moscow, Russia
13.08.09. Core gates. Playcafe. Moscow, Russia
11.08.09. Me – to Techno! Playcafe. Moscow, Russia
10.08.09. Industrial Monday. Playcafe. Moscow, Russia
06.08.09. Electrobunker. Playcafe. Moscow, Russia
10.07.09. Zestoerende Weltherrschaft. Frontline. Gent, Belgium
25.06.09. Synth Cafe. Hardcore-cafe. Moscow, Russia
12.06.09. Synthetic Experience. Mister Shlyager. Moscow, Russia
02.05.09. Hard, Evil, Mad. Solntse-Haus. Moscow, Russia
01.05.09. Mir. Core. Мay. Plan B. Moscow, Russia
24.04.09. Undeground Experience. DiskMoon. Moscow, Russia
17.04.09. Empusae live. Flat. St.-Petersburg, Russia
15.04.09. Zov Robotov. Zvezdnui. Volgograd, Russia
12.04.09. Mobilisation. Record. Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia
10.04.09. Rave is our future. Epatage club, Kazan, Russia
09.04.09. TanzFront. Pushkarev. Moscow, Russia
02.04.09. Elektroanschlag Warm-Up Party. Villa Bar. Altenburg, Germany
08.03.09. Forgotten Festival. Rocco. Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia
28.02.09. Farewell Party. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
20.02.09. TanzFront. Klangstabil live. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
07.02.09. Funker Vogt, Spetsnaz afterparty. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
01.02.09. Industrial Mix Machines. Cuba. Mogilev, Belarus
31.01.09. Industrial Party. DK Festivalny. Gomel, Belarus
30.01.09. Industrial Madness Party. Alkatraz. Minsk, Belarus
24.01.09. G-Awards. Dojd-Major. Moscow, Russia
24.01.09. Syn(th)drom. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
27.12.08. Not Another Adrenaline Rush. Tequila. Gent, Belgium
12.12.08. TanzFront. DJ JanaDark B-Party. Norma. Moscow, Russia
06.12.08. Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival. Tochka. Moscow, Russia
23.11.08. TanzFront. P.A.L. live. Smoking Dog. Ekaterinburg, Russia
22.11.08. Let’s Noise! P.A.L. live. Friends. Perm, Russia
21.11.08. TanzFront Party. P.A.L. live. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
02.11.08. Mobilisation. Fashion Club. Kazan, Russia
01.11.08. Mobilisation. Izhevsk, Russia
24.10.08. TanzFront Party. Punch Inc., Moctan, Bipol live. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
18.10.08. presentation. Mezzo Forte. Moscow, Russia
17.10.08. Hard 2B Core. Project Fabrika. Moscow, Russia
21.09.08. Mobilisation. Synapscape live. Fashion Club. Kazan, Russia
20.09.08. Mobilisation. Synapscape live. Neon. Cheboksary, Russia
19.09.08. TanzFront B-Party. Synapscape live. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
12.09.08. Tehpodpolie. Y. Moscow, Russia
30.08.08. Strangel Air. Open Air. Podmoskovie, Russia
29.08.08. Boys and girls. Zelenograd, Russia
22.08.08 Presentation of industrial tribute to Depeche mode. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
28.06.08. Ellektro Sturm Festival. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
31.05.08. Strangel B-Party. Hype live. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
24.05.08. De/vision and Deine Lakaien live. Tochka. Moscow, Russia
12.05.08. Wave Gotik Treffen. GNM Party. Moritzbestei. Leipzig, Germany
02.05.08. Cyber Sensation Open Air. Moscow, Russia
01.05.08. Black Room Community Party. Place. St.-Petersburg, Russia
26.04.08. Forms of Hands. Maschinehalle Zeche Zweckel. Gladbeck, Germany
20.04.08. TanzFront Festival. Gorod. Moscow, Russia
17.04.08. TanzFront Lite. TanzFront Festival Preparty. Tochka Otruva. Moscow, Russia
10.04.08. TanzFront Lite. Tochka Otruva. Moscow, Russia
29.03.08. Nuclear Button. Tochka Otruva. Moscow, Russia
22.03.08. Inferno Party. Revolution. St.-Petersburg, Russia
15.03.08. Sonar live. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
24.02.08. Diary of dreams and Tamtrum live. Tochka. Moscow, Russia
08.02.08. TanzFront. This Morn’ Omina and Empusae live. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
26.01.08. Non-existence live. Plan B. Moscow, Russia
25.01.08. Electro City Party. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
12.01.08. Electro Party. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
28.12.07. SynthDrom. Vse Svoi. Moscow, Russia
15.12.07. Tehpodpolie. Vse Svoi. Moscow, Russia
08.12.07. Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival. Tochka. Moscow, Russia
01.12.07. Elekktro Birthnight party. Vse Svoi. Moscow, Russia
24.11.07. Mobilisation. Winterkalte live. Fashio theatre Ildan Link. Kazan, Russia
23.11.07. TanzFront. Winterkalte live. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
10.11.07. Front 242 vs. And one party. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
01.11.07. Hard Thursday. Vse Svoi. Moscow, Russia
19.10.07. TanzFront. Imminent live. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
05.10.07. Sick Fest 5. DKDance. Moscow, Russia
29.09.07. September Stars Party. FM club. Moscow, Russia
16.09.07. Melotron, Diorama, Head-Less, R.I.P. live. Tochka. Moscow, Russia
07.09.07. Radioactivity Party. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
01.09.07. Reaper live. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
26.08.07. Tanzfront. DK Original. Moscow, Russia
17.08.07. Electric Pop party. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
06.07.07. Release Party Recoil. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
30.06.07. Moscow Summer Synth Festival. Dojd-Major. Moscow, Russia
23.06.07. TanzFront TotalFest. DKDance. Moscow, Russia
16.06.07. Preparty In strict confidence gig. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
10.06.07. New Wave Party. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
02.06.07. Red Flag Release Party. Strangel. Moscow, Russia
21.05.07. Xperimentx Megamix. Vermel. Moscow, Russia
20.05.07. Fetish Front. Gorod. Moscow, Russia
19.05.07. Syn(th)drom. Vse Svoi. Moscow, Russia
09.05.07. Depeche mode fans annual gathering. Gorod. Moscow, Russia
05.05.07. Laibach party. Majakovsky. Kazan, Russia
15.04.07. Combichrist, Covenant, Haujobb live. Gorod. Moscow, Russia
12.04.07. French f*cking kiss. Vse Svoi. Moscow, Russia
30.03.07. TanzFront, Proyecto Mirage live. Jest. Moscow, Russia
16.03.07. Syn(th)drom. Plan B. Moscow, Russia
10.03.07. Depeche mode party. Kontrabas. Moscow, Russia
07.03.07. Rave Diggirls party. Jest. Moscow, Russia
02.03.07. Skinny Puppy party. Blow up. Moscow, Russia
01.03.07. Hard Thursday. Vse svoi. Moscow, Russia
24.02.07. TanzFront. Art Cafe 25. Moscow, Russia
17.02.07. Depeche Mode party. Podzemka. Rostov-on-don, Russia
10.02.07. Hard Synthesis. Karantin. Rostov-on-don, Russia
04.02.07. De/Vision live. Gorod. Moscow, Russia
27.01.07. Digital Machine live. Vinyl. Jaroslavl, Russia
13.01.07. TanzFront. Art Cafe 25. Moscow, Russia
04.01.07. Sick Festival 3. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
01.01.07. Megawatt Depeche Mode New Year. Gorod. Moscow, Russia
29.12.06. Syn(th)drom. Vse Svoi. Moscow, Russia
15.12.06. TanzFront, Mono no aware live. Jest. Moscow, Russia
01.12.06. Preparty Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival 4. Black and white. Moscow, Russia
24.11.06. Urban ecology 2. Step. Minsk, Belarus
31.10.06. TanzFront Halloween. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
24.10.06. TanzFront. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
20.10.06. Depeche Mode party. Anfilada. Moscow, Russia
10.10.06. TanzFront. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
08.10.06. And One gig. Gorod. Moscow, Russia
30.09.06. Hard Synthesis. Cuba libre. Rostov-on-don, Russia
26.09.06. TanzFront. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
23.09.06. Loud Murmur. Rotonda. Moscow, Russia
12.09.06. TanzFront. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
26.08.06. Marhifest. Suhanovo. Open air. Podmoskovie, Russia
06.08.06. Dark Ritual Dance. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
30.07.06. Frontline assembly live. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
19.07.06. Nitzer Ebb live. Gorod. Moscow, Russia
08.07.06. DJ Dmitry Dark birthday. Jumba. Naberejnue Chelnu, Russia
16.06.06. Gothdamn City. Pjatnitsa. St.-Petersburg, Russia
07.06.06. XP8 and Unter null live. Matrix. Moscow, Russia
28.05.06. De/vision live. Gorod. Moscow, Russia
05.05.06. Melotron live. Ogni Ufu. Ufa, Russia
01.04.06. Imminent live. In time. Moscow, Russia
02.04.06. VNV-nation live. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
14.04.06. DM and SpaceMen Synth/future/EBM party. Intime. Moscow, Russia
29.03.06. VNV-nation gig preparty. Black and white. Moscow, Russia
17.03.06. Haujobb live. Matrix. Moscow, Russia
12.03.06. Destroid live. Matrix. Moscow, Russia
04.03.06. Official Depeche mode gig afterparty. Ikra. Moscow, Russia
25.02.06. Shout! Night. Matrix. Moscow, Russia
15.02.06. Synth Cafe. Suhoi Zakon. Rostov-on-don, Russia
11.02.06. Hard synthesis. Cuba libre. Rostov-on-don, Russia
01.01.06. Stripped New Year Depeche Mode party. Gorod. Moscow, Russia
10.12.05. Moscow Synthetic Snow Festival 3. Tochka. Moscow, Russia
27.11.05. Colony 5 and Z Prochek live. Gorod. Moscow, Russia
15.10.05. Depeche Mode Playing the angel album presentation. Jam. Moscow, Russia
09.10.05. Melotron and Diorama live. Б2. Moscow, Russia
06.10.05. Electro and guitar party. Europe-Asia. Moscow, Russia
24.09.05. Depeche Mode Photographic Party. Jam. Moscow, Russia.

2005 Resident of Synth Cafe in Zirlih-Manirlih. Moscow, Russia.
2006 Resident of Synth Cafe in Black and white. Moscow, Russia.
2007 Resident of Synth parties in Garage. Moscow, Russia.