New Book Swing of Things

I’m happy to announce the release of my new book “Swing of Things” which again comes with a CD compilation!

“Swing of Things” is the second book by Jana Komaritsa. This is a compilation of short stories, inspired by author’s coming of age experience, enveloped in the dramatic and dark atmosphere, sharpening the emotions to the peak. The stories are often descending into the grim abyss of darkness and despair, while at the same time, they are pierced with romanticism and the power of love. The book was illustrated by the author and comes with a music compilation with exclusive tracks from an international cohort of prominent electronic musicians.

Featuring:Anatoly Tokee Grinberg, Bleak Paris (Nicholas Harper), Darkrad (Jana Komaritsa), Data Pusher (Jonas Næss), Dead Voices On Air (Mark Spybey), Dirk Geiger (feat. Disreflect and Lisa), Illuminatè Steele, Oknho (Gwenn Tremorin and Mode In Gliany), Spherical Disrupted (Mirko Planck), This Morn’ Omina (Mika Goedrijk)

Release date: 23.09.21

Shipping worldwide.

Order on Bandcamp:

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