Jana Komaritsa is a multidisciplinary visual and sound artist. She had been involved in the alternative art scene for many years now. She took part in various events in Russia and abroad, from major festivals to experimental shows, including Maschinenfest (Germany), Tanzfront (Russia), Audiophob Festival (Germany), Elektroanschlag (Germany), Wroclaw Industrial Festival (Poland), Summer Darkness (The Netherlands), Lumous Gothic Festival (Finland) and more. The artist realizes her deepest feelings, emotions and inner thoughts, creating dark surreal worlds in various mediums, from fine arts and video to music and performance. Mystery, melancholy, dreams, darkness, beauty, spirituality, otherworld and connection with other realities are strongly piercing her creations.

Darkrad is a dark-industrial music project of Jana Komaritsa. The live performance of Darkrad is an ocean of feelings from the somber corners of the subconsciousness, which doesn’t suppress and turn off the emotions, but sharpens them to a sometimes frightening peak. First full-length album was released on Cold Meat Industry (Sweden), second and third full length albums were released on Audiophob (Germany).

As a DJ she performs under moniker DJ JanaDark. Her DJ sets are known for being heart-felt and expressive, based on various styles of electronic music. Her DJ biography includes more than 200 events in Russia and worldwide. In 2015 she celebrated 10 years of her DJ career with release of a special CD with her DJ mix “Beschwingt”. Being a current mastermind of Tanzfront Project promo group she is involved in the promoting of experimental scene in Moscow and Russia.

Labels: Cold Meat Industry (Sweden), audiophob (Germany), Mrakmur (USA).