Jana Komaritsa lecture at WGT 2024

Jana Komaritsa lecture at WGT 2024

Dark eroticism, mysticism and the macabre in Visual Arts

The lecture will delve into themes of dark eroticism, exploring the intersection between sexuality and themes of death, decay, symbolism, supernatural and esoteric beliefs; examining how artists navigate the complexities of desire and fear and explore themes of transcendence and transformation.

Part of the Gothic Identity Lecture Series

During the 31st Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Gothic Identity will organize a series of lectures and discussions in English, that will focus on several aspects of the gothic identity including its history, the use of political or spiritual symbolism, and the deeper artistic concepts. We are happy to announce a new, larger location for this year, conveniently close to the Pagan Village and the Agra. Free entry with a WGT wristband.

Location: ballSAAL
Helenenstrasse 14 (entry Vollhardtstrasse through the beer garden)
04279 Leipzig