Nights of Sadness

Nights of Sadness

Here you will find the download section for the music of “Nights of Sadness” Art Book. The download will be available from June 11th 2023. I apologize for the delay!

Hier finden Sie den Download-Bereich für die Musik des Art Books „Nights of Sadness“. Der Download wird ab dem 11. Juni 2023 verfügbar sein. Ich entschuldige mich für die Verzögerung!

Information about the release:

Art Book

Jana Komaritsa

“Nights of Sadness”


This book contains all paintings done in artist’s body of work “31 Nights of Sadness” in 2022 + writings + music

  • Hand-numbered limited edition release
  • Exclusive long track from Darkrad which accompanies the melancholiac atmosphere of the book (digital download)
  • Released for WGT 2023 in May 2023 by Mrakmur (US)